Co-ordinates can catch pupils out because you have to remember which axis is which and which point to plot first. There are a few tricks to remember this.

To remember which axis is which:

Y’s up (wise up) - the y axis is the one going up and down

To remember which point comes first:

You crawl before you walk (x then y)

You go along the hall and up the stairs (x then y)

In the Transfer Test pupils will usually have to plot points. More recently they have been asked to plot several points of a polygon and to identify the co-ordinates of the final point.

Teach Me Co-ordinates Resources coming soon

The free resources below are a good place to start to perfect your knowledge and understanding of Co-ordinates. These aren’t Teach Me NI resources, but they are useful all the same! I hope you find them beneficial. Just click the links to get to the worksheets.

Free Co-ordinates Resources

Plot Co-ordinates 1

Plot Co-ordinates 2

Plot Co-ordinates 3

Plot Co-ordinates 4

Plot Co-ordinates 5

Plot Co-ordinates 6

Read Co-ordinates 1

Read Co-ordinates 2

Read Co-ordinates 3

Read Co-ordinates 4

Read Co-ordinates 5

Read Co-ordinates 6