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Group Sessions


Knowledge and Understanding

One of our main aims at TeachMe NI is to give pupils a firm knowledge and understanding of Maths and English topics required for the Transfer Test. This knowledge doesn't just prepare pupils for AQE or GL, it also gives them a steady foundation for moving on to Secondary School.

Exam Skills

At TeachMe NI we want pupils to be able to apply their knowledge to specific Transfer Test style questions. AQE and GL both have very distinct wording and phrasing of questions. We want pupils to know what to do as soon as they see the question .

Enjoyable Learning

At TeachMe NI we want to provide effective and engaging teaching for our pupils. This means that we strive to motivate and engage every pupil, firmly believing that every pupil can achieve their full potential in the Transfer Test.

Building Confidence

At TeachMe NI we believe that a key to success is confidence. Small groups allow us to celebrate each pupil's individual success whether that means gaining full marks in a test or having the confidence to raise their hand in class.

My daughter looks forward to Stephanie’s classes every week. Whilst doing practice papers at home she will regularly say “Stephanie taught me that”. I would highly recommend Stephanie’s classes. Her approach and techniques have really boosted my daughter’s confidence.

Doreen and Molly

Find out what Doreen and Molly thought of my classes!

Doreen attended from the Easter of the year until December. Molly started after the summer holidays and continued until December.

Thanks SO much to both girls and their parents for agreeing to be filmed and interviewed - you are so brave!

Behind the scenes

Watch our behind the scenes video at TEACH ME NI to find out more about what we goes on at our group sessions.

Testimonials from Parents

My daughter is a quiet girl. She lacks in confidence and the school she attends has small classes. Going to Stephanie has given her so much more confidence and she’s also getting to know other children. I especially like the way Stephanie covers different subjects (maths, literacy, poetry etc) on different days. My daughter has grown in confidence already and she is really enjoying the extra help taught professionally.
My son has really enjoyed attending Stephanie’s AQE classes. It’s giving him the confidence he needed. He has really felt at ease with her as she has a genuine lovingly warm feel to be around. He is gaining a better understanding in a smaller group. I would highly recommend Stephanie.
We have found the classes very beneficial. They have given my daughter more confidence when doing the exam papers. I would highly recommend Stephanie.
I have found that my son’s confidence has improved. He has learnt some useful and helpful tips for AQE.

Testimonials from Pupils

Stephanie is a wonderful teacher and has taught me many things for the AQE. I love her classes!
I enjoy going to Stephanie’s classes because she helps to teach me the things I’m struggling with. She’s very friendly and helpful.
Steffy is a great teacher and is very kind. I enjoy all her classes. She really helps me with my papers.
I have really enjoyed the classes with Stephanie. I have learnt lots of exam techniques and some quick ways to work out Numeracy questions.
I have found the course really helpful. Stephanie has given me a boost and she has helped me to improve. Thanks.