AQE & GL Familiarisation Days Ballymena: What to Expect


What is a Familiarisation Day?

So, you’ve already seen around the school on an Open Night, your child has had a Taster Day through school, what exactly is a Familiarisation Day?

In a nutshell, this is your opportunity to suss out exactly how the morning of the test will go. It is a great opportunity to emphasise the positivity of this experience for your child, because how they feel at this event is going to influence how they feel on the morning of the test. This is their opportunity to ask any questions and to feel totally in control and 100% prepared for this big step in their little lives. So try to build it up to be a really great, exciting experience for them.

Parents: What to take note of

This is your prep day as much as your child’s. You should take note of logistics such as

1. What time do we need to arrive on test day?

2. How long did it take me to get here? - bear in mind the time of your familiarisation day and the time of the test may vary

3. Where do I park?

4. What door do we use to get in?

5. What do we need to bring on the morning? -usually admissions card, pencils, rubber

6. What should my child wear? - the school may give you a choice - I would recommend school uniform as it helps pupils to get into the right mindset. It also saves on worrying about what to wear to look cool.

6. What if something goes wrong on the day e.g. we are late, your child is sick

7. Where do I go when my child is doing the test?


Pupils: What they discover

1. What room they are in

2. What desk they are sitting at

3. Who is in the room with them - generally their whole school will be in with them

4. The rules for the day of the test

5. What do do if they need something on the day of the test e.g. toilet, more paper

6. They may do a short test while the Headmaster is speaking to you


Local Familiarisation Day Dates

* Antrim Grammar - Saturday 17th & 18th October 2018

* Ballyclare High School - Saturday 20th October 2018

* Ballymena Academy - Tuesday 6th November, Wednesday 7th November 2018

* Cambridge House - Thursday 18th October 2018

* Carrickfergus Grammar - Saturday 20th October

* Dalriada School - Saturday 20th October

* Larne Grammar - Saturday 20th October

* St Louis - Wednesday 7th November 2018

Stephanie Montgomery